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Welcome to Yellpedia,
the Yellow Pages that anyone can edit.
Over 10 Million Listings waiting to be edited by you
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Featured Bridal Store
AbridalworldBride 01 Steps.jpg
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Featured Bridal Store:A BRIDAL WORLD - (919) 872-7433

Get Involved

Featured Business: ON THE MEND ON THE MOVE PHYSICAL THERAPY - (480) 436-5099

Please use the search box at the top of this page or the links to the right. Just type in the subject and then a local identifier.Some examples -- Type in "Pizza" & "714" to see the pizza places in the 714 area code. Type in "New York, NY" & "Attorneys" to see Attorneys in New York City.Pages with more information always rank higher in the search results. Or if you just don't believe us on the size of Yellpedia type in State CA or any other state you prefer.
Reverse Phone Number Search?
Look up any number by typing the whole phone number in.
Want to Share Your Knowledge?
Edit a listing with interesting and important information.
Want to Share Photos?
Post interesting photos about anything. Post photos of locations...
Feel the need to Create Info Pages?
Write travel guides, restaurant lists, post school evaluation reports...
Always wanted to write a Wikipedia article, but thought it was too late since everything has been written about?
It's been said some articles in Wikipedia are too done, but now you can take import a Wikiepdia article and cross-link it with moden day local venues. Shouldn't an article about the Civil War list local places to visit now? Link any subject (United States based) to the now with places to go see...
Or may you just like reviewing
Feel free to write a review, leave a comment, or socialize in the comment system
Create your own Yellow Pages
Every community should have their own directory. Create your own category and link the pages to it to form your own community based yellow pages.
We have special scripts for writing math, computer code, and other
And more!
To Check out all the ways you can contribute go here: Yellpedia:Community portal

More Featured Organizations
We need You
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A big thank you to the Semantic Mediawiki organization for showing Yellpedia some love by making us the wiki of the month for May 2013.

Welcome to Yellpedia, the World's first Yellow Pages/Geo-Social Encyclopedia, that's also a wiki.We have over 10 Million Pages waiting to be edited by you. Please join to add informative content, like:

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Have no fear edit today...

A Featured Salon

Check out the wonders of METRO FOR MEN - (949) 450-0150. METRO FOR MEN has been voted the Best Barber in Orange County, Best Men's Haircut, Best Shave, and on of The Top 200 Fastest Growing Salons in America in 2008, 2009, 2010, & 2011.

What's the point of Yellpedia?
There's already Facebook and Yelp in the world doesn't that make Yellpedia pointless? No, it doesn't. Yelp is a great service, but it's a limited format -- What medical insurance does a local doctor accept? What's the prices at the local dry cleaner? None of those questions, and many more, can be answered inside the Yelp format. Facebook, in theory, could have more information, but practice falls short of providing a complete informational picture of a listing.
Yellpedia seeks to provide encyclopaedic coverage of every listing
To that end we allow the use of embedded services to show videos & photos, to play music, to post documents, etc.
Yellpedia claims to be bigger than Wikipedia?
Wikipedia has something like 30 Million pages while Yellpedia has a little over Ten Million, which means Wikipedia, by page count, is bigger. Wikipedia, however, only has 4 Million plus editable articles while Yellpedia has over 10 Million listings(articles) waiting to be edited. Yellpedia, therefore, is bigger by the gross number of articles (listings) that can edited by the public.
The Site Statistics don't show Yellpedia having over 10 Million Pages.
Unfortunately, the wiki software measures page counts strangely since it expects pages to grow organically, which is great for most wikis, but is a non-starter for a yellow pages. If you don't trust us feel free to count every listing...
A listing doesn't show up in a category it's listed in
This is a hang-over to the tricky way we loaded all the data into Yellpedia. Once a page is edited, or saved, for the first time all the category links will function correctly.
My company isn't listed.
Add it! We admit some other websites may have slightly more updated information, but that's easily fixed. Find something missing -- Add it. Find a closed business -- edit the page and write [[Category:OUT OF BUSINESS]] and someone in admin will remove the page. If you want a page saved for historical reasons write [[Category:Historical Listing]] and if the listing has some historical value the page will be saved.

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